Towage and Salvage

The environmental concerns are becoming increasingly important in salvage operations. The intervention od salvors, often in difficult circumstances, has always been important to prevent damage to the marine environment. But, the SCOPIC clause has helped remove a deterrant for salvors who would otherwise not want to enter an operation with little prospect of saving property, and with a risk of lengthy anti-pollution activities. We firmly believe that salvors and oil spill response operators must work together, and that close collaboration is an optimal formula for protection of the marine environment and lowering claim costs related to pollution at sea. We have optimal relationships with leading towage and salvage companies.

We are regularly involved in projects where we take over from the salvor the responsibility for oil spill response during delicate salvage operations.

OSRA is also able to arrange for third party services including:

  • Ocean Towage
  • Salvage Operations
  • Wreck removal
  • Offshore Support

OSRA is a member of the International Salvage Union (ISU).

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OSRA is an international oil spill response alliance.