Oil Spill Response

We mainly provide in-country Tier 2 stand-by support to oil & gas exploration and production companies. Our equipment is also available for hire as Tier 1 kits or flexibly to supplement the client's existing inventory. Our bases are located around the Mediterranean, but we are keen to also work world-wide through sending experienced personnel and/or hiring our resources to ships, oil & gas companies, salvors and others that may require our assistance.

All our response personnel are trained to the highest industry standards and regularly exercise. Most have been engaged with OSRA and experienced several spills and support during salvage operations, since the commencement of operations of the Malta base in 2006.

Our equipment is well maintained in accordance with an internal maintenance procedure that is certified by UKSpill and ISO 9001. This to ensure preparedness to emergency call-outs across the entire Mediterranean region. OSRA’s preparedness for Tier 2 spills, with escalation to Tier 3 is also backed up with a range of port and offshore vessels that are fully-equipped with ocean boom, and high capacity salvage transfer pumps. The Tier 3 escalation mechanism is also supported by agreements with global response organisations.

We believe that emergency response is only best offered through a network of in-country presences around the Mediterranean. Through this business strategy we provide three crucial additional values over our competitors:

  • Rapid Response (from as low as 2 hours)
  • One tariff which applies throughout all OSRA bases
  • Clients that opt to take out a stand-by contract, are covered by a single contract for the whole Mediterranean, and also highly reduced mobilisation costs upon call out.
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OSRA is an international oil spill response alliance.