Environmental Consultancy

Our in-house experts have years of experience of both consulting and practical nature. We have performed a number of contingency planning studies related to the impact of shipping and oil & gas operations on the marine environment, for governments of Mediterranean coastal states. We also regularly assist companies in contingency planning, as well as to meet legislative requirements and fulfill their environmental commitments in their on-shore and off-shore operations.

Our co-operation with Adler and Allan, provides us with the additional expertise gathered from the company's extensive experience in the United Kingdom.

Together, we are able to provide advice on:

  • Contaminated land management
  • Environmental permitting support
  • Environmental site management audit
  • Flood risk assessement
  • Mechanical and electrical consultancy
  • Spill response planning
  • Pollution control
  • Ports and harbours consultancy
  • Post spill land investigation and remediation
  • Waste management and asbestos
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OSRA is an international oil spill response alliance.