OSRA Tunisia

OSRA operates Tunisia’s first (and currently only) internationally certified oil spill response base, located in SfaxWe are entirely privately owned, with a mix of Tunisian and international investment. The OSRA Tier 2 base in Sfax has been very well received by the local and international oil & gas industry operators, the environmental authorities and the Tunisian government. We have hired OSR equipment to supplement clients' Tier inventories, as well as provided Tier 2 stand-by services to most exploration projects offshore Tunisia, ever since going operational in 2008.

OSRA Tunisia collaborates closely with MOIG to raise awareness about marine environmental response Mediterranean-wide.

OSRA Tunisia operates in line with the standard OSRA INTERNATIONAL Response Management System. In common with other OSRA network members, our core competences are:


The base in Tunisia is located on Gabes Road, just 1 kilometre off the port of Sfax.

OSRA has a long-standing relationship with a number of service operators in Sfax and Tunisia in general, and ensures that it is well integrated in the oil and gas industry’s supply chain. Most exploration and production companies have long-been clients of the OSRA in Tunisia and some of them also of AOST Group outside Tunisia. Through the strategic location of our base and our trusted relationship with the larger facilities around us, the industry is guaranteed one-stop for the expertise of OSRA and the group, as well as the sourcing of further capability, lay-down area, quay access and machinery.


  • 350 square meters of covered multipurpose space for equipment laydown and maintenance activity
  • 400 square meters administrative centre, with office space for staff, fully-equipped emergency response room, and training facilities for up to 25 students
  • 1750 square meters of un-covered storage area
  • Facilities allowing for rapid-response during an emergency operation

Emergency Call-out Numbers

INTERNATIONAL: +356 99 666 000 

Find our Operations Base Full contact details here.

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OSRA is an international oil spill response alliance.