Since commencement of operations in 2006, we have been involved in over 25 incidents, in Malta as well in Libya, Tunisia and Greece.

We operate the first and only privately-run Tier 2 response base in Malta. OSRA has been instrumental in building awareness about the importance for Malta's to have a national capability.

In 2008, our team responsible for the drafting and implementation of the National Marine Pollution Contingency Plan (NMPCP) and, later in the procurement and commissioning of the offshore oil response equipment (co-financed by the EEA Financial Mechanism). We have an ongoing understanding of the Maltese national context and an unrivalled training capability. So, in 2017 we were entrusted to train 160 persons from the Maltese national maritime and environmental authorities over a 3-month programme of courses in pollution preparedness and response. In 2017 we also ran a contingency planning workshop attended by high ranking officials, responsible for the reviewing and updating of the national contingency plan.

OSRA Malta operates in line with the standard OSRA INTERNATIONAL Response Management System. In common with other OSRA network members, our core competences are:


Situated close to the shipping lanes linking the East to the West, and North Africa to Europe, the Malta base is located in a strategic position at the narrowest part of the Mediterranean. With the continuous increase in shipping activity, the strait is increasingly becoming a more congested and high risk area to shipping.

The base in Malta is located just off the port of Valletta, within 450 metres from the maritime hub and the shipyards.

We have a long-standing relationship with the operators of the maritime hub. The shipyards have also longbeen clients of the group. Through the strategic location of our base and our trusted relationship with the larger facilities around us, the industry is guaranteed one-stop for the expertise of the group, as well as the sourcing of further capability, lay-down area, quay access and machinery.


  • 720 square meters of covered multipurpose space for equipment storage and maintenance activity
  • 300 square meters administrative centre, with office space for staff, fully-equipped emergency response room, and training facilities for up to 25 students
  • 1200 square meters of uncovered storage area
  • 25 metre-long wash-down area
  • Loading-bay fully accessible from the warehouse facilities and the front of the facilities allowing for rapid-response during an emergency operation
  • Just 450 metres down the road Triq il-Baċir, we have access to a 100-metre quay that serves as secure berthing.

Emergency Call-out Number

INTERNATIONAL: +356 99 666 000 

Find our Operations Base Full contact details here.

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OSRA is an international oil spill response alliance.