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OSRA Libya was established as a joint venture with British, Maltese and Libyan interests with the intention of operating oil response bases onshore Libya at strategic locations along the Libyan coastline. The operating company was incorporated in 2008. Since then OSRA invested heavily in Libya and still has an administrative office.

Prior to the start of the conflict in Libya, the operating company was recommended for award of the tender for building, equipping and personnel training of NOC oil spill response bases as well as their management. OSRA's proposition is multifaceted and guarantees a full adherance to the sophistication of Libya's needs.

OSRA's unique selling point is that of delivering a British and European sense of quality coupled with an immediately recognisable sense of flexibility and sense of duty towards the customer. This is drawn from our shareholders' 25 years of experience doing business in Libya and North Africa. Our group co-operates closely with various local companies which are well established in the oilfield services business, and who provide operational in-country handling services, in Libya.

OSRA remains available from the Malta, Tunisia and Greece operational bases, to service requests from operators in Libya who require:

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OSRA is an international oil spill response alliance.