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ECOTARAS Spa has operated since 1986 in environmental emergency response to the maritime transportation, oil and steel industries.

The Company has successfully been involved in many anti pollution operations and emergency response operations in oil terminals, cargo and military ships, canals and rivers. The following are typical response or stand by activities carried out by the Company:

  • Ship to Ship transfers
  • Bunkering
  • Product movements within oil terminals
  • Pipeline Maintenance
  • Subsea operations
  • Movements of carbon and iron ore dust
  • Movements of vegetable oils

ECOTARAS Spa works and co-ordinates its work on a 24x365 day basis with operational support in accordance with IMO guidelines (on scene commander and first responder), both at sea as well as on land sites. The company responds in case of maritime incidents (groundings, collisions, sinking, structural failures etc) even in cases of complex salvage operations. ECOTARAS has amongst others been involved with its own response teams with several incidents such as :

  • MT Brezza – salvage following grounding on the Cheradi island
  • Galeso river – remediation work
  • MV Lassia – salvage following structural failure
  • Steel Industry – Ground remediation works
  • Petrochemical Industry – Ground remediation works
  • MV Burgas – Salvage following grounding on sandy shoreline
  • MV East Castle – remediation work following accidental spillages
  • Tourist port – remediation work following road tanker incident
  • Military Barges - remediation work following accidental spillages

All these activities were coordinated and planned from our Operations base in the Port of Taranto (Italy). Our response teams have at their disposal:

  • 19 anti pollution vessels ranging from RHIBS to tugs
  • Land transportation vehicles, including cranes and trucks
  • Oil Spill Pollution Equipment
  • Absorbents and other oil spill response materials
  • Support equipment

ECOTARAS operates six vessels equipped with IR/UV sensors that permit the localization of sources of pollution even in cases of reduced visibility (adverse weather conditions, fog and wind).

ECOTARAS also produces Contingency Plans for its clients and coordinates periodical exercises, special training, audits to maximize environmental security in terminals, to assure and maintain above normal standards.

ECOTARAS has collaborated with the CNR (Italian Research National Council – Ministry of University and Scientific Research) in the IMSAT (Individuazione e Monitoraggio di Specie Alloctone nei Mari di Taranto) research project and is currently involved as well in the “Paticoplancto” project.

In order to guarantee the full operational capability of the Company even on inland marine / terrestrial environments such as in canals, rivers, marshes, ECOTARAS is registered with the “Albo Nazionale Gestori Ambientali” of the Puglia region under registration BA/08068 in the following accreditation categories:

  • Cat. 8 (intermediaries) – level F
  • Cat. 9 (reclamation) – level D
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