Mediterranean Operations

OSRA International is probably the most experienced and well-resourced, regional environmental and emergency response service provider for the Mediterranean region. We offer an end-to-end Mediterranean region solution under one agreement, one tariff and through one emergency phone number. We are present from the Straits of Gibraltar to the Suez canal. We are capable of offering our Services in-country as well as to multi-national operations which benefit from a cost-effective Mediterranean solution.

  • Malta: OSRA Malta Ltd
  • Greece: Oil Spill Response Alliance Greece Ltd
  • Tunisia: OSRA Tunisia Ltd
  • Italy: through ECOTARAS Spa
  • Gibraltar: through partners, and supported by OSRA Malta Ltd
We are agile and ready to set up rapidly where there is a client's demand. In-country capability and OSRA's partnerships with international emergency response operatorsensure a wide response coverage to the busy shipping lanes linking the west and east Mediterranean, including the Greek and Turkish waters.
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OSRA is an international oil spill response alliance.