Tunisia HSE Conference 2016

Once more, OSRA is committed towards the improvement of Health, Safety and the Environment in Tunisia.

OSRA is the Gold Sponsor of this year's Tunisia HSE Conference, held at the Hôtel Carthage Thalasso Ressort-Gammarth between 9-11 May 2016. The event gathered more than 100 participants from the active Oil and Gas Industry in Tunisia, National Agency of Environment Protection, Work Safety and Health Institute, engineering firms, services providers and experts to discuss many topics related to Health, Safety, Environment and CSR.

Captain Taoufik Zrida (General Manager in Tunisia) presented on the 10 May with the theme "Risk-Management et Assurance: L’Inévitable Interaction au Profit de l’Entreprise".

On the 11 May, Sandro Sammut (Regional Operations Manager) participated in a discussion concerning the exchange of experiences between professionals. Sandro is a very experienced on-scene commander that has participated in several containment, cleanup and remediation operations in Malta, Tunisia, Greece and Libya. He will also be our on-scene commander at the MOIG STIR/OMMP/ONPC Tier 2 exercise which will be held in Bizerthe between 25-27 May -- OSRA will be the designated Technical Partner along with DESMI RO-CLEAN.



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