Training for over 160 emergency response personnel for the Government of Malta


The AOST Academy - OSRA's training partner has just finished training over 160 participants from the Maltese Government in oil and HNS spill response.

The AOST Academy organises a wide range of courses related to oil & gas operations, shipping and seafaring and these are are held regularly in Malta, Greece and Tunisia. OSRA and AOST collaborate to offer courses in environmental protection and the training programmes are fuly recognised by the national maritime and environmental authorities, including Transport Malta.

AOST won the contract to deliver training to Transport Malta officials and other stakeholders in a programme to improve Malta's capability to handle oil spills. In 2008 we also were engaged with the preparation of the Maltese National Contingency Plan (NCP) and project management services for the provision of a pollution response service. An important part of the training exercise of this year was a contingency planning workshop attended by high ranking officials, who will be reviewing and updating the NCP. The strengthening of Malta's capacity to handle oil and HNS spills is funded by EEA Grants.

The training seminar involved also several sessions of IMO Level 1, 2 and 3 training. During the course of training, OSRA was awarded the cleanup of the Grand Harbour diesel spill which was reported 11 January 2017. As a part of the training programme participants attended a practical training session at Rinella Bay in Kalkara, concluding a 4-day IMO Level 2 course.

The Certificates of Attendance were handed out during a handing ceremony organised yesterday by Transport Malta.

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