OSRA Participation in Tier 2 Exercise in Zarzis

Between the 26 and 28 of May, we have actively participated in a Tier 2 Exercise in Zarzis.

OSRA Tunisia welcomes Maretap's drive to enhance its strategy of preparedness in case of oil spill incidents. The scope of the exercise was to test the ability of joint collaboration in a hypothetical incident in the Zarzis Terminal. The exercise involved resources from Maretap, Ecumed and OMMP; and was supported by ETAP and MOIG. Possibly the most important factor that binds all the lessons learned through the exercise is the challenge of keeping a Tier 2 capability in shape, and the imporance to have this under the responsibility of one specialised team.

OSRA has been an established Tunisian oil spill response provider 'in-country' since 2008. It is authorised by the environmental authorities to provide its services, and the OSRA Tier 2 base in Sfax is part of the group's certification as an approved contractor by UKSpill. OSRA has throughout the years been the provider of choice to the vast majority of the companies operating in Tunisia. The Sfax base is run under a strict maintenance and training regime that ensures full preparedness at all times.

Following this exercise, we met with MOIG Director Houcine Mejri, and re-iterated our commitment and our willingness for OSRA to work with other members in order to reinforce the purpose of the Mediterranean Oil Industry Group. In concrete terms, we look forward to work with HSE experts in the industry to develop contingency plans, attain the required level of training, execute on-site gap analysis, maintain equipment, and supplement Tier 1 and 2 capabilities as required.



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