One Common Contract for Spill Response during Salvage Operations

We are pleased to have been invited to contribute to the drafting of the standard contract for the hire of spill response services and equipment. Sterling work has already been done by BIMCO and ISCO. And we have contributed with our experience as responders in various salvage operations. Our relationship with several salvors in Greece, Tunisia, Malta and Italy allows OSRA to be the first choice when they secure a ship that has become a casualty and need spill response constractors for environmental protection or a clean-up operation.

Back in 2012, OSRA was a pioneer in the industry by bringing responders together from around the Mediterranean to use one common contract. This advancement in the industry is welcome and supported by OSRA. We agree with BIMCO and ISCO that "harmonised terms and conditions that are consistent with a shipowners’ P&I insurance cover will help speed the process of getting essential spill response equipment on site as soon as possible."

The contract is intended for shipowner whose ship presents a spill risk and who wants to hire equipment and response services. We have seen the first draft and given our feedback to ensure that key issues that concern mobilisation and demobilisation of equipment and personnel, insurance, payments and the parties’ liabilities and responsibilities are clear and build upon the expertise gathered from years of involvement in the industry.


UPDATE: The work of BIMCO and ISCO was concluded and can be found here.

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OSRA is an international oil spill response alliance.