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Our Mission Statement

OSRA is committed to providing the Mediterranean with a credible and rapid marine response mechanism at a fair and competitive cost

The Company

OSRA INTERNATIONAL LIMITED brings together the resources of the various oil spill response member bases strategically located around the Mediterranean. This network aims at strengthening its capability through the admission of further members in Mediterranean coastal states where bases are considered to be operationally necessary.

The OSRA presence spans from the west to east of the Mediterranean, offering a complete regional response solution. We have offices and bases in Malta, Tunisia and Greece. We also have a co-operation agreement with Ecotaras - an oil spill response company in Taranto (Italy), through which OSRA provides services in marine areas under the jurisdiction of Italy. And a similar cooperation in Gibraltar that allows us to provide services in the mouth of the Mediterranean sea. This network of response bases provides a Mediterranean wide response coverage to the busy shipping lanes linking the west and east Mediterranean as well as to shipping in the Greek and Turkish waters.

We firmly believe that speed is a crucial element in any emergency response effort. To best achieve this, OSRA bases have been set up at key locations enabling fast response upon call out, and the possibility to escalate response effort and share resources. All bases are manned on a 24 x 7 basis and the response team manning every base is led by an experienced duty manager.

We recognise the importance of providing the client with a holistic service, taking over as much operational ownership of operations from the client as is possible during an incident. All our bases have shore logistic services in place prior to the incident, and independent of all client resources. This assures rapid response to incidents which mitigates environmental damage and lowers clean-up costs.

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OSRA is an international oil spill response alliance.