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25 Jun 2018
We take the occasion on the REMPEC regional workshop which was held in Malta (20-21 June) to reach out to OSRA's family of clients across the Medit
07 Apr 2017
OSRA's training partner - the AOST Academy - has finished training over 160 participants from the Maltese Government in oil and HNS spill response.
06 Oct 2016
We are pleased to have been invited to contribute to the drafting of the standard contract for the hire of spill response services and equipment. OSRA was a pioneer in the industry by bringing responders together from around the Mediterranean to use one common contract.
06 Sep 2016
The significance of an incident is not always measured by the quantity of oil spilled, but by the complexity of the issues surrounding it. Assessments can last years.
23 May 2016
OSRA will be the Technical Partner for the MOIG annual Regional Workshop, which will take place in Bizerthe between 25-27 May 2016.
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OSRA is an international oil spill response alliance.